The Arena is up and so much more!!

January 28, 2018 | By Darla | Filed in: Uncategorized.

The ground has been prepared and special thanks to Groesbeck Ag department for loading and painting the panels, for building ramps and Linn Energy for  devoting a day to bring labor and build our arena and trench and prepare our water line from the well to the barn!  Oscar Garza is helping with our  well pump to get our well running and we are close to pouring  concrete for our BARN!!!!  This could not have been accomplished without the generosity of many caring people!  I can hardly wait to see the lives that will be changed because of the caring hearts that have helped in some way!  You can purchase an outdoor grade memory plate that will go on a  horse panel on the arena.   Some say, donated by,  in memory of ,  or in honor of Jane Doe so you just pick the one and add the name for $60.00


We are also preparing for our Second  Annual Fundraising Gala on Thursday night April 5, 2018.  We needs sponsors to pay for catering and for civic center fees.   If you would like to be a table host please contact me at 254 366 6783 or email me at .  A  table host simply invites 7 people to sit at their table that have hearts to give towards helping children and veterans with disabilities.  Horse therapy can and has changed many lives and empowered many to know they are not without hope!  We are so close we can feel it in our souls!  Thanking God for bringing every open door!

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